Sunday, January 19, 2014

Triple D, product updates and other stuff

Triple D

Today was the Triple D rave in Dubuque, Iowa.  New snow on Saturday made for some tough going on the bike. A highly recommended event if you enjoy many hours of difficult riding.

I made some new pogies for myself and other than a shakedown ride to the end of the block at home this was their first use.  They are 2.5 inches shorter than the usual design for warmer conditions or when a quick escape is desired.  Nothing wrong with the old set but these look nice.   Until dark rode in summer weight full finger gloves and was plenty comfortable in the 20 to somewhere in the 30s temps.  After dark put on light fleece gloves though they might not have been needed.

The frame bag made for last year's event worked great other than the couple design issues I've never gone back and fixed.   Add 2 Velcro straps... not hard, just need to do it so I can close the bag easier.

And the coozies worked great like always. I threw a couple coozies on the swag table and they seemed well received.  Talked with some nice folks too about gear I make.

Product update

Coozies - There are 10 or so all black coozies done and ready to go.  This week there should be another 10 or so made, and they'll be ready once more foam arrives that should be late this week or early next week.

Pogies - nothing currently ready but will be making a couple all black sets in the next week or two.  Low on shell colors but can get most any color of Cordura relatively quickly.

Frame bags - always custom.  A longer wait time than I'd like, but focusing on winter specific items currently.


Yeah, need to work on that too.  Pictures, descriptions, online ordering.

If anyone can get me more hours in the day, that would be great.
Before the start of Triple D

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter is here

Winter has arrived here in MN, though the past couple days were in the upper 20s to upper 30s, so it really didn't feel too cold and didn't really necessitate the really warm gear.

Lots of sewing going on recently - primarily pogies.  Most of the backlog has been done, so if you need something send an email and I can get you on the list and hopefully get you something done by the end of January or so.   I'll be taking a personal hiatus from Jan 3rd - 12th, plus the 18th - 20th so contact will be minimal if at all in those couple weeks.

Some recent photos are up on Facebook -

Happy Trails and Stay Warm

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stars forward.

Busy lately and most updates and such have been going on the Facebook page.

Warbird Ti - velcro is spaced to accommodate top tube bags

Warbird Ti - framebag with patches